Pine Tree Potters' Guild Members' Gallery

Artist: Kendra Honey

Artist Statement

I have loved making pottery since I was a little girl. The first piece I ever made was a custom order for an ashtray. It was very lumpy but my father thought it was beautiful. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, where my mother and I started a small shop where we made and sold our wares. She was so enthusiastic about potting, that she set up our potters wheel in our back yard, in a tent, before our studio was built!

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Drake University, in Des Moines, Iowa. I then moved to Canada, where I married, and stopped potting all together. I didn't take it up again until fifteen years later, and I wonder now, how I could have left pottery for so long.

I especially love to make wheel thrown pieces, and I focus on creating dinnerware like bowls, plates, platters and candleholders. I am inspired by early American pottery like yelloware and spongeware.

I have been a member of the guild for about ten years and enjoy entering my work in the Spring and Winter sales every year.