Pine Tree Potters' Guild Members' Gallery

Artist: Lisa-Marie Oliphant

Artist Biography

Pine Tree Potters' Guild (PTPG) provided Lisa-Marie with her introduction to pottery making in January 2017 through a beginner's hand-building class, lead by fellow PTPG potter and artist, Linda Szoldatits. As a long time admirer (and purchaser) of pottery, the experience of learning to make pottery was like coming home and after continuing to explore additional classes, in January 2018, she was introduced to the wheel by fellow PTPG member and teacher, Teresa Dunlop. As Pine Tree is a "teaching guild", although there are many others who could be mentioned as part of the overall learning journey, it is these two women who provided the inspiring formative experiences she will forever be grateful for.

Lisa-Marie became a member of PTPG in January 2018 and has been actively involved through supporting various guild roles, events and initiatives as well as continuing to develop in the craft.

With a focus on creating functional pottery, the pieces are meant to be enjoyed in everyday life! Cozy up with your favorite mug or enjoy a beverage of choice in her "coffee, tea, wine or whiskey" cups. If you enjoy cooking with your pottery, why not bake a quiche in a one of a kind hand-built dish? Are centerpiece platters on a table surrounded by family and friends more your thing, well if so, she can create something customized just for you. The creative process is all part of the fun so commissions are welcomed!

Contact info:
Instagram: shamrockpottery