Pine Tree Potters' Guild Members' Gallery

Artist: Pam Baker

Artist Biography

Pam Baker's journey into the world of pottery began as a generous gift from a friend, who enrolled her in pottery classes. Little did she know that this gift would blossom into a passion that has spanned over 15 years.

Her ceramics journey took an exciting turn in 2012 when she ventured into participating in pottery sales, specializing in crafting intricate gingerbread houses and cat feeding dishes. Pam's knack for combining creativity and craftsmanship has made her creations highly sought after by yearly collectors of her tiny gingerbread houses.

Retirement opened up a world of possibilities for Pam, allowing her to dedicate more time to her beloved pottery. Her work is a joyful reflection of her diverse interests, drawing inspiration from her decades-long love for cake decorating, her deep affection for animals, and an affinity for creating detailed, miniature pieces. With every piece she creates, she invites us into a world of whimsy, intricacy, and heartfelt artistry.