Pine Tree Potters' Guild Members' Gallery

Artist: Doug Robertson

Artist Statement

I started mushing my hands into wet clay at the 1992 York Region Arts Camp while I was employed to teach computer music. I melted my new raincoat by standing too close to the kiln's exhaust holes. I asked, "What's that burning smell? ... my coat, ... and by the way, what do potters do?"

From my first lump of clay, I sculpted a comedic cow as light switch. I then explored quirky faces, plates & platters and now over twenty years of pottery. Most recently, I have concentrated on cups and strongly believe that no one needs "just another boring cup". I have brainstormed to "Think outside of the CUP".

Each cup has a unique design where the handle is integral to the design of the cup; the road for the penny farthing bicycle, the snorkel for the scuba diver, the snowshoes for the winter forest, and the flip-flop for the beachy themed Muskoka chairs cup to name four.

More of Doug's work can be seen at