View From The Pines

Artist: Angela Daust

Coffee Pot of Broken Dreams
10" x 9" x 5"
Handbuilt nerikomi, porcelain, oxidation

"This piece began as a project in a teapot making class and evolved into a three month labour of love. Because it was made using the Nerikomi technique, all of the components of the coffee pot had to dry very slowly and at equal rates. Unfortunately, despite these precautions, a large crack appeared four days before the coffee pot was completely dry. The name, therefore, seemed very appropriate."

Black Trees on a Rocky Northern Shore
10" x 10"
Handbuilt nerikomi, porcelain, oxidation

This piece was made using the Nerikomi technique and is a representation of the beauty of northern Ontario and the complex interaction between water and land one experiences when visiting this region.

Artist Biography

Angela's interest in pottery began thirty-five years ago when she had intended to pursue a career in pottery and art. Her study interests changed however, and after university she started a career at the City of Toronto. Angela is looking forward to retirement next year when she plans to pursue her love of pottery making full time. She is especially interested in Nerikomi, a Japanese technique in which coloured clays are combined to make beautiful patterns.