View From The Pines

Artist: Deb Reilly

For Flame from Flame
6" x 8" x 8"
Wheel thrown, altered porcelain, wood fired to cone 10

"For Flame from Fire is a woodfired candleholder whose lines already dance like flames."

Margo's Magnum
14" x 15" x 9"
Handbuilt stoneware, oxidation

"Margo's Magnum, named for my mother on whose birthday it was built, displays a playful and evocative bigness."

Tunnel Vision
25" x 30" x 25"
Handbuilt stoneware, oxidation & mixed media

"Tunnel Vision is an interactive piece that invites the viewer to question a limited perspective."

Artist Statement

"My decision to choose ceramics as my craft about five years ago, has proven eminently satisfying. Almost limitless in scope, a lump of mud turns into something exciting under my hand.

I am a seeker of mastery, and a student of craftmanship through many workshops. I also love being an experimenter who ventures beyond the stigma of craft. The special joy of clay is its responsiveness to a variety of approaches.

I have discovered that trying to balance art and science means releasing control to the element of surprise. Surfaces, often organically, masquerade as diverse materials, and on them rivers of glaze flow freely and co-mingle.

I like to think of myself as playing rather than working with clay."