View From The Pines

Artist: Della Cavanagh

Shades of Silence
14" x 6"
Handbuilt porcelain, oxidation

Evening comes in "Shades of Silence"

Stately pines stand sentry against the evening sky anchored in the rocky shore guarding the sleeping inhabitants of the lake.

Stirring in the evening breeze they murmur goodnight to the birds winging their way homeward across the cobalt sky.

A full moon casts a silvery beacon on the steel blue water of the quieted lake making the green brown haze of trees on the far shore cast their image on the peaceful waters.

Choose your Colour
24" x 12" (Set of 4 pieces)
Handbuilt porcelain, oxidation

I am 13.

I am 13.

I do not understand the political strategies of nations and governments.

I know nothing of the economic significance of country against country.

I cannot comprehend the futility of men killing men.

BUT... I hope for a better world where solidarity is possible and harmony is restored.

I see the death and destruction.

I live in the devastation that is left behind when the fighting stops.

I see the traumatized lives and the shattered towns and countryside.

BUT... I await a landscape rejuvenated by nature.

I am 13.

I pray for peace in my lifetime.

I perceive the world not in the colours of war but in the colours that live within each of us... PEACE