View From The Pines

Artist: Diane Jupp

A Walk through the Forest
10" x 5" x 6"
Handbuilt stoneware, oxidation

"Nature provides such inspiration to me. I find influences such as colour, texture and patterns all around. I am both a potter and a jeweller. After graduating from George Brown College as a goldsmith and working in the family jewellery business, I began to explore other mediums and found a passion for clay. Many of the same design elements can be found in my jewellery and pottery.

This vase showcases some of these qualities found on my walks through the forest. As the piece is turned, one sees representation of such things as trees, leaves, grass, stones and running water. The undulating vertical shape hints at a tree trunk. It can also be used functionally to display your own mementos from nature such as flowers and branches."