View From The Pines

Artist: Ed Keith

4.5" x 4"
Thrown raku, raku glaze, post reduction firing

"As a young boy in the north of Scotland with its inclement weather conditions, my first explorations with mud came readily and often. Fashioning clay figures and vessels seemed to be a natural response to nature's generosity.

Only much later, as an elementary school teacher did the opportunity to work with clay happen again. With the guidance and encouragement of fellow teachers the need to share with my students the wonders of clay became part of my personal search for new techniques and forms of decoration.

Early explorations with Raku firings led to a fascination with the variable surface effects possible through the experimental use of particular chemicals. Metallic finishes and the accompanying black matte of the carbon-laden clay surfaces provided a groundwork for limitless experimentation. What once were surprise results are now much more controllable outcomes.

Becoming a teacher of adult students provided the opportunity for further exploration with organic material such as plants and horse hair. The search still continues."