View From The Pines

Artist: Linda Szoldatits

Artist Statement

"...a faint memory of running through the rich, black, Holland Marsh soil of our family's vegetable farm during a summer rain... making mud pies and leaving them to bake on the wagon in the sun after the rain has trickled away... these are my first recollections...

A four year study at Toronto's OCADU accompanied graciously with scholarships opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of exploration. Life experience has married my schooling and has provided the basis for many of my pottery ideas. My work has grown into...or should I say, I have grown into my work... strong yet rustic thoughts in clay about life, change, growth, spirituality, forgiveness and acceptance. I have discovered that clay has become a continuous source essential to my internal expression. It allows me to breathe.

Many years have passed since those tiny toes wiggled in the mud and I have since returned to that very same farm. This time however, I watch my traditional European parents with awe and my own three children run barefoot through the mud... I take my shoes off and join them."

I'm NOT Broken
Most Imaginative In Show Award
9" x 19" x 8.5"
Handbuilt stoneware with copper wire