View From The Pines

Artist: Margaret McIntosh

Still Got It
10" x 4" x 4" (2 piece set)
Handbuilt stoneware, oxidation

This pair of vases were hand built by joining, bending and stretching basic stoneware shapes, to impart posture and attitude. Each figure conveys his or her own character, in spite of having no head!

Slips, underglaze and stain were applied to the surface, using found objects such as paper dots, lace and burlap. Wiping or sanding back the multiple layers has created a sense of wear.

We live in a society which can devalue us as we age and conventional beauty fades. But these two characters invite us to celebrate their beauty. To celebrate dignity and tradition, wearing clothes that are full of memories. To pose proudly in a wellloved outfit from decades long gone.

Stepping out in joyous oblivion to any loss of youthful appeal, these two have no doubts that they have "still got it".