View From The Pines

Artist: Sandy Bobrow

Aurora Cultural Centre's People's Choice Award
TRANSformation / A Mother's Love
15" x 10" x 21"
Handbuilt stoneware, oxidation and mixed media

Artist Statement

"This work is inspired by the bravest and most self-aware person I know: my transgender child.

As a whole, this work represents my constant love and support for my child, throughout my child's past, present and future.

The caterpillar represents the past, when I knew my child as my daughter. I have included in the piece, fabric from my child's baby bedding. My hands held and protected my child, as mothers do.

The chrysalis represents the present, a time of transition and growth. The use of the colour black symbolizes the challenges and difficulties that my child, and other transgender people, face. My hands are supporting and loving my child and trying to keep him safe.

The butterfly (both fragile and strong) represents my hope for my child's future... a future in which my son will be happy, confident, free to fully be himself and given the dignity and respect that all people deserve. My hands will be there still, supporting and loving my son. The layers of paper on the wings of the butterfly symbolize the fact that my child is not just transgender... he is a multi-layered unique individual, as we all are.

The hands are left unglazed/unembellished, representing a mother's natural tendency to place the focus on her child, rather than herself.

The "jewel" present in all three pieces, is a symbol of my child's beautiful spirit, his soul, which remains constant and unchanged. Throughout the past, present and future my child remains the same person I have always loved."